VSO Physical Observable Details : EQUIVALENT_WIDTH


Physical Observable ID
Physical Observable Description
differences between intensities measured at nearby wavelengths, typically in line cores, wings, and nearby continuum, whether measured as an intensity difference or an equivalent width
ProviderSourceInstrumentDetectorPhysobsSpectral RangeTime RangeData LayoutObserved Region
6173-6174 Angstrom2010.03.29 →FULLDISK
NSOKPVT512-channel magnetographequivalent_width10830 Angstrom1974.05.02 − 1993.02.03imageFULLDISK
NSOKPVTspectromagnetographequivalent_width5507 Angstrom1992.04.21 − 1992.11.19imageFULLDISK
NSOKPVTspectromagnetographequivalent_width8688 Angstrom1992.11.19 − 1999.12.30imageFULLDISK
NSOKPVTspectromagnetographequivalent_width10830 Angstrom1992.04.19 − 2003.07.25imageFULLDISK
SHASOHOMDIMDIequivalent_width6768 Angstrom1996.05.01 − 2011.04.12PARTIAL_SUN
SHASOHOMDIMDIequivalent_width6768 Angstrom1996.04.23 − 2003.03.24FULLDISK

Note: Detector and Data Layout will be included in the API version 1.4; some data providers may not have this information populated yet.

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