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        A checklist of things to consider when making an event or feature
        catalog.  (prompted by questions from Meredith Wills-Davey at 2008
        SPD meeting)

	"Design Considerations for Catalogs"
	(really short) talk at NSO-Tuscon, Feb 2008

	"Event and Feature Catalogs in the Virtual Solar Observatory"
	2008 joint AGU SPD meeting, talk #SP54A-07
	Focused more on some of the problems with parsing catalogs in
	their current distribution formats.

        "Finding Data Using Event and Feature Catalogs in the VSO"
        2009 AAS/SPD meeting poster #15.07

For other notes about data catalogs, also see

Proof of concept catalogs are currently disabled, due to a change in our local security policy.
Contact me if you're interested, and I can try to move them elsewhere.